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Stay and train

Our stay and train program offers a total immersion program for your dog. Your dog will live with us for the duration of their training, with intensive one-on-one training. Each dog will learn our 3 languages: food, leash, stimulation collar. During this time, we tailor each progam to best fit the dog's needs in order to create a clear way to communicate. We begin with building a relationship with every dog in a comfortable environment, as we set expectations through obedience and a calm state of mind. This program includes obedience both on and off leash, an off switch on command, and real life exposure during field trips, dog socials, and adventure walks.

Raise and train

Our raise and train program is the most ideal way to bring a dog into your home. We can begin as early as picking the right breed for you and your family. We will raise the dog from a young age, and begin with the basics such as crate training and engagement skills. Our path of training will be tailored to your dog's needs and your goals. During the duration of the raise and train, frequent updates are sent, as well as check in sessions. We will prepare your dog and we will prepare you as the handler to ensure a smooth transition as you welcome the dog into your home. Age of dogs, and duration of training may vary upon individual goals.

Private lessons

Our private lessons are a great way for your and your dog to learn a better way to communicate as a team. During these lessons, basic leash obedience such as sit, down, and long line recalls are taught. Behaviors will remain on leash. We will also work with you and your dog to help improve house manners such as an off switch on command, and threshold manners. You will meet with one of our expert trainers to learn the information each session, and you and your dog will work as a team to put in the repetitions between lessons.

Group classes

We offer group classes for graduated clients as continued eduation. This is a great way to continue the training journey with your dog, and hold you accountable as a team. We do classes at the facility, and out and about. In our refresher classes, you and your dog will brush up on skills they have already been taught through our program, and be able to work in a stimulating environment. We also offer a beginners group class. Each series begins in 5 week blocks, depending on demand. The beginner classes include basic obedience: sit, down, place. We will help you improve on your handling skills with your dog, as well as engagement and marker words.


Your dog can come visit for the countryside retreat for the day. Daycare dogs will get fulfillment through treadmill time, adventure walks, dog social, and short obedience sessions. Daycare dogs are a great addition to our daily pack to help current dogs in our stay and train program. Pick up and drop off available upon request.

Short term and long term boarding

Boarding is available for the duration of what you need. Dogs in our boarding program will learn the treamill, recieve short one-on-one obedience sessions, provide help with current training dogs through distractions and dog socials, and enjoy some free time on the adventure walks around our 15 acre property.

NePoPo® schooling programs

NePoPo® stands for negative, positive, positive. It means that the dog first receives a negative stimulus, followed by two positive stimuli. This training method makes communication between the dog and its owner more effective and pleasant. The NePoPo® system gives dogs the idea that they can influence their environment. By using it, we train them to be enterprising, innovative, and passionate partners. They carry out their tasks with heart and soul!
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