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BFK9 - TXVIPDT Philosophy

Be it a personal pet, at-home protection dog, or Police K9.

We believe in developing brave dogs who meld with their families to not only be of service but provide loyal companionship. Born from strife and out of love, Belgium's Finest K9 dba Texas VIP Dog Training is built upon the tried-and-true methods and techniques founder Joris Kerckhof personally learned and applied as a Belgian Federal Police canine handler.

NePoPo® training system

Texas VIP Dog Training specializes in the use of NePoPo® training system developed by Michael & Bart Bellon and the use of Martin System equipment to stay in the animal welfare laws.

NePoPo® Gold

Joris is the NePoPo® Gold Multiplicator 001 Instructor and Certifier and Chelsea is the New NePoPo® Gold 013 Trainer. Together they will make you and your dog a better team!

On cue with heart and soul!
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