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About Us
Texas VIP Dog Training is a Veteran owned and woman operated business.

Our countryside retreat is located between Lockhart and Luling. Whether you are looking to get a head start with your new puppy, seeking help with behavior issues, or anything in between, we have a fitting program.

Programs & training

Our programs include stay and train, raise and train, private lessons, group classes, daycare, and short term and long term boarding. We train in the NePoPo® system, where we teach you and your dog to clearly communicate through reinforcement.

We also breed and train the Belgian Shepherds, the Malinois and the Tervueren.
We strive to help you and your family and to make your loving pet a full member of your family.

Who dares wins!
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Years of experience
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People trained
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Dogs trained
Professional dog trainer
Chelsea Ryan
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New NePoPo® Gold School graduate
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Creating a step-by-step curriculum
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Meet a client's needs
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Expertise in goal identification
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Love for adventure
Texas VIP Dog Training Chelsea Ryan
Chelsea Ryan

Chelsea began training dogs in California in 2020. Following a career in personal fitness training and Olympic weightlifting, she found her true calling after seeking training for her newly adopted dog.

Power of repetition

Her experience as a coach taught her the power of repetition and how to adjust programs to best meet a client's needs, both skills that play an essential part in her role as dog trainer.

NePoPo® Silver School

In March 2023, Chelsea went to the New NePoPo® Silver School taught by Bart and Michael Bellon in Springfield, Missouri. There, she expanded her knowledge on the art of modern dog training, and has been able to implement the theory with the dogs in the Texas VIP Dog Training program.

Love for adventure

Chelsea has a love for adventure and is lucky to have the companionship of her three dogs, who join her for hiking, swimming, and hanging out at local restaurants. Through her expertise in goal identification and experience in creating a step-by-step curriculum, she hopes to provide the tools and skills for clients to experience a life of adventures, like she does with her own.
Professional dog trainer
Joris Kerckhof
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Military, law enforcement & protection
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Narcotic & explosive detection
Texas VIP Dog Training Joris Kerckhof - check_white 3
Directional & camera
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Behavior modification & pets
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Breeding & puppy from zero to hero
Texas VIP Dog Training Joris Kerckhof
Joris Kerckhof

For almost 20 years Joris served as a Belgian Federal Police Officer in the Dog Support Unit and developed an intimate knowledge of canine operations from puppy to retirement during that time.

From detection services to crowd control and tactical operations he is confident in the ability to tailor canine training to achieve the desired results.

On a fateful day in March 2011, he survived a parachute crash that would change the course of his life. He spent weeks in the hospital rehabilitating a broken back along with several other injuries. During rehab, he became aware of the World Police and Fire Games to be hosted in NYC at the end of August. He set a personal goal to prepare himself and Rheia to compete and win gold at those games.


Rheia was the youngest dog - and only female - entered in the competition; together, they won the gold medal on September 1, 2011. While in NYC, the Lt. of the  NYPD Transit K9 unit embraced them. Colloquially known as New York’s Finest, Lt. Pappas called Rheia and Joris Belgium’s Finest - which planted the seed for Belgium's Finest K9. Returning to Belgium, he worked numerous years with Rheia in the Brussels Transit System and the Federal Dog Support Unit of the Belgian Federal Police.

Moving abroad

When Joris moved to the USA in 2016, he retired Rheia so that she could join him on his new journey to the land of the free and home of the brave. Rheia passed away in the early morning of October 23, 2020. She was known and loved by many and is at the heart of everything he does here in Texas at Belgium’s Finest K9 LLC doing business as Texas VIP Dog Training.